Graphic & Object Design

hola, my name is

Dalina Dominguez.


43 985 668 650

A Texas native, I was born to Mexican parents who immigrated to the US in the 80s. I live in Western Australia with my husband, where I design graphics and objects on a daily basis. I enjoy experimenting and pushing the boundaries with whatever medium or material I find. I graduated from Texas Tech University in 2012 with a BFA in graphic design, and worked as a graphic designer in San Francisco for a few years before moving down under. I find inspiration through my hard-working family, desert landscapes, and good music. I love finding solutions to problems, simplifying, and perfecting every detail.



La Bamba Grafica is a multi-medium design studio I founded. By using simple & natural materials to create one of a kind goods, the intent of each product is to be functional, well made, and beautiful. Production remains in small batches in order to maintain the high level of quality, but also to continue to innovate & develop new ideas.